• Planned and configured 802.1X port security on all network switches
    • Configured all switches with either 802.1X or sticky MAC address security
  • Planned and configured a Cisco voice gateway router upgrade
    • Configured router and Call manager to handle new extensions and call flow using PRI instead of POTS
    • Worked with Telco to schedule and meet requirements of location
  • Replaced WAN router with RMA due Cisco chipset failure
  • Configured networking devices for two offices from acquisition
    • Configured a new firewall, switch, voice gateway, and wireless access point for new locations
    • Cut voice systems over to our Call Manager environment from old telco
  • Relocated a branch office and configured new networking equipment and subnet
    • Configured a new firewall, switch, voice gateway, and wireless access point for new location
  • Configured new network equipment for office expansion
  • Cisco Network Hardware / Firmware Upgrades Across Enterprise

  • Lead in assisting network and voice planning and deployment of new Cisco Call Manager environment
    • Helped clean up old Call Manager configuration
    • Replaced outdated Cisco voice gateway routers with new series
    • Helped plan new 4 digit internal extensions
    • Helped deploy infrastructure required for phone registration over the internet
    • Followed test plans during cutover for all call routes
  • Assisted in upgrading SAN environment
    • Researched, configured, and deployed SAN switches
  • Created IT Metrics reports for departmental and executive review
    • Maintained and delivered reports monthly
  • Cisco Network Hardware / Firmware Upgrades Across Enterprise

  • Lead in assisting network planning and deployment of a new WAN infrastructure while moving server environment to co-location facility
    • Migrated HQ to new IPv4 subnet to allow for server subnet to relocate to colo
    • Configured and deployed new switches in colo for servers
    • Assisted in migrating to new Cisco ASA Firepower firewall as hub for site-to-site VPNs
    • Cleaned up firewall ACLs and created technical and executive firewall documentation
  • Deployed PRTG Network Monitor in place of simple Ping monitoring system
    • Built out entire platform to monitor all network and server resources
    • Configured proper alerting on action items
    • Maintained and administered platform
  • Researched, planned, and deployed new antivirus platform
    • Researched all of the top AV offerings and chose the best for the company
    • Planned all of the AV exceptions and policies
    • Deployed to entire server and workstation environment
    • Maintained and administered platform
  • Planned and deployed new backups network
    • Deployed a new switch and connected critical servers to backup server to offload network traffic from data network
  • Cisco network hardware / firmware upgrades across enterprise

  • Replaced core switch at HQ due to hardware failure
    • Configured and deployed new switch
  • Cisco network hardware / firmware upgrades across enterprise
    • Upgraded Cisco ASA firmware and device management software for security and features
    • Upgraded Cisco IOS firmware on access switches for security and features
    • Replaced Cisco switches within infrastructure due to age

  • Cisco network configuration best practices across enterprise
    • Configured AAA on Cisco ASAs for more secure authentication
    • Standardized Syslog configuration for proper device logging
    • Standardized console login configuration for secure physical access
    • Configured and forced SSH access for secure remote access
    • Configured Network Time Protocol (NTP) for proper time stamps for logging

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